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Literature with werewolves and similar shape-shifting beasts

  • 'The Werewolves', Henry Beaugrand (1898, printed in The Century Magazine, illustrated) 

  • Bound by a Spell: The Hunted Witch of the Forest, Louisa Lilias Greene (1885)

  • 'Absolute Evil', Julian Hawthorne (1918)

  • The Werewolf, Clemence Housman (1896, with illustrations)

  • 'The Mark of the Beast', Rudyard Kipling (1890)

    • (1890, printed in The Pioneer) ​

    • (1891, printed in Life’s Handicap)

  • 'The Gray Wolf', George MacDonald (1871, printed in Works of Fancy and Imagination, vol. 10)

  • 'The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains', Frederick Marryat  (1839, originally a single chapter within the novel The Phantom Ship, it has since been anthologized as a short story) 

  • 'The Wolf', Guy de Maupassant (1889, printed in The Odd Number)

  • 'Gabriel-Ernest', Saki [aka Hector Hugh Munro]  (1909)

    • (1909, printed in The Westminster Gazette on 29th May - this can be accessed via the British Newspaper Archive

    • (1910, printed in Reginald in Russia, and other Sketches by Saki

  • 'The Man-Wolf', Leitch Ritchie (1831, printed in The Romance of History, France

  • ​​​'The White Dog'/'Белая собака'/'Собака', Fyodor Sologub (1903)

    • Original text in Russian by Fyodor Sologub (1903, printed in Noviy put'/Новый путь; 1909, printed in Kniga ocharovanii/Книга очарований; 1912 printed in Zemlia/Земля)

    • Translated into English by John Cournos (1915, printed in The Old House and Other Tales)

  • 'The Other Side: A Breton Legend', Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock (1893, printed in The Spirit Lamp)

  • 'Dracula's Guest', Bram Stoker (1914, printed in Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories 

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