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As mentioned on the 'About' page, all of this work is undertaken voluntarily in my spare time. I am therefore incredibly grateful to all those who have helped me with this project, including: 

  • ​Simon Bacon
    For introducing me to the works of Paul Féval and identifying English translations of his texts. 

  • Eleanor Fitzsimons
    Who sourced a digitized original copy of Edith Nesbit's gothic collection, Something Wrong (1893)

  • Dr Kaja Franck 
    Who provided me with invaluable resources on werewolf fiction.

  • Karina McCorkle
    For sourcing original copies of Russian gothic fiction and advising me on the publication titles and origins. 

If you are able to help by sourcing original copies of texts, notifying me of gaps in the existing lists, and/or giving feedback on how to make the content/site more accessible, then feel free to get in touch either via Twitter or using the 'Contact' page.

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