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Gothic Girl (I'll give you a clue, it's not Dan.)

Gothic Girl is a Twitter account and website where I share free educational content on the history of Victorian gothic literature. This includes:

  • Daily tweets

  • An index of nineteenth-century authors with short biographies and links to their work

  • An open access library of Victorian gothic texts

  • A blog 

All of this content is free, and an additional goal of the library is to produce copies of these texts in various formats to make it accessible to all (e.g. with a dyslexic-friendly files, PDF formats, and web versions). 

This work is something I undertake voluntarily in my spare time, so I'm extremely grateful for any support you can offer by:

  • Sourcing original copies of texts

  • Notifying me of gaps in the existing lists

  • Giving feedback on how to make the site/content more accessible

  • Supporting me via Ko-fi (using the button below)