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Gothic Girl (I'll give you a clue, it's not Dan.)

I am a Publications Assistant with a MLitt in Victorian Literature from the University of Glasgow, and a Joint Honours BA in Fine Art & English Literature from Aberystwyth University. As you can probably guess by this website, my studies focused on Victorian Gothic fiction, especially that of the fin de siècle.

The initial purpose of this site was to provide an easy means to browse nineteenth-century Gothic literature (currently just poems, short stories, and novellas), whether you are looking to find trends in Victorian werewolf fiction, less popular works by a particular author, or just trying to access texts that are difficult to find in any easily readable format online. However, after being encouraged by a friend and having realised how long it would take to build the library, I decided to make a blog to accompany it. Please be patient while I build the library and, in the meantime, enjoy the lists of texts (which will soon be available to read here hopefully!). 

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for improving this site, and/or any recommended stories I have not yet included. I'd especially welcome any suggestions to make it more accessible and diverse. 


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