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My name is Georgina Gale, and I'm a PhD student based at the University of Glasgow and the University of Stirling. My thesis looks at gothic narrativisations of gender violence in late-nineteenth-century journalism, and you can find more information about me and my research on my university profile here.  

I created the Victorian Gothic Library Twitter/X account (@VictorianGothik) in 2018 during my Masters. It was originally set up for fun to share my favourite gothic literature and other related paraphernalia online. Since then, it has grown into a much larger project influenced by both my PhD work and my interest in developing open access academic resources. Its purpose is: 

  • To help develop an understanding of what it means for a Victorian text to be gothic.

  • To demonstrate the importance of the original print media and formats of nineteenth-century literature.

  • To provide an accessible, reliable academic resource that can be used for research or leisure alike. 

  • To generally promote an interest in and engagement with nineteenth-century gothic. 


My Twitter/X account now acts as a supplementary outlet for this website, which is the focus of the Victorian Gothic Library project. The website’s main feature is the Library, which provides an index of digital copies of original nineteenth-century texts pertaining to the gothic. This is an ongoing effort, designed both to help researchers (myself included) make sense of the gothic during this period and to make it easier to navigate relevant archival material from the comfort of your home.

In addition to the index, I also create accompanying blog posts and am working on a collection of short author biographies for writers currently included in the Library. I also plan to provide alternative copies of texts currently in the index, including but not limited to dyslexia-friendly files, PDF formats and web versions. However, this takes time and most of the texts will only be available via the provided links.  

The Victorian Gothic Library is something I undertake voluntarily in my spare time, so I’m extremely grateful for any support you can offer by: 

  • Sourcing digital copies of original texts to add to the index.

  • Giving constructive feedback on how to make the website/content more accessible.

  • Supporting me via Ko-fi.

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