Literature with witches, witchcraft, and associated themes

  • Forty Years in a Moorland Parish, J. C. Atkinson 

  • 'The Enchanted Woman', Anna Bonus Kingsgford

  • ‘The Witch’, Mary E Coleridge

  • ‘Lois the Witch’, Elizabeth Gaskell

  • 'Viy', Nikolai Gogol 

  • Bound by a Spell: The Hunted Witch of the Forest, Louisa Lilias Greene

  • ‘Young Goodman Brown’, Nathaniel Hawthorne 

  • 'The Hollow of Three Hills', Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • The Amber Witch, translated by Lady Gordon-Duff

  • 'The Witch of the Marsh', H B Marriott-Watson

  • ‘The Ebony Frame’, E. Nesbit


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