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Violet Hunt


English author and a founder of the Women Writers' Suffrage League. Hunt wrote two collections of Gothic texts: Tales of the Uneasy and More Tales of the Uneasy.

Hunt was born to pre-Raphaelite artist Alfred William Hunt and author/translator Margaret Raine Hunt (who translated the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm). Some will remember her as the rumored teenage ex-fiancé of Oscar Wilde, who was a close friend of hers. 

She was a highly accomplished writer, who published her first work at just thirteen years old. During her life, she proceeded to publish seventeen novels, two collections of Gothic tales (mentioned above), plenty of other short stories, a memoir, and a biography of Elizabeth Siddal (a contemporary artist, poet, and famously the muse and wife of Dante Rossetti). Hunt also trained to be an artist herself, attending the Kensington Art School, and even modelling for both Walter Sickert and Edward Burne-Jones. Her circle of friends also included many famous authors, who attended her literary salons in Kensington. These authors included Henry James, D. H. Lawrence, Ezra Pound, Joseph Conrad, Catherine Amy Dawson Scott (with whom she co-founded PEN International), and Rebecca West.

After meeting her, D. H. Lawrence said "I rather like her - she's a real assassin". Her intellect, independent nature and risqué behaviour can all be found in the women of her Gothic tales, who are often modelled on the idea of the Victorian 'New Woman'.

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