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Literature with vampires and similar life-draining creatures

  • 'Good Lady Ducayne', Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1896, printed in The Strand Magazine, illustrated)

  • 'The Parasite', Arthur Conan Doyle (1894)

    • (1894, printed in Harper's Weekly, illustrated; part 1, part 2, part 3) ​

    • (1895, published in full as a novella, illustrated) 

  • 'Carmilla', Sheridan Le Fanu (1871)

    • (1871-1872, printed as a serial in The Dark Blue, illustrated)

    • (1872, printed in In a Glass Darkly, vol. 3)

  • The Vampire City /La Ville-Vampire, Paul Féval

    • Original text in French by  Paul Féval (1874, serialised in Le Moniteur Universel - click 'SUIVANT' at the top right of the page to view each instalment; 1875, published in full as a novel)

    • Translated into English by Brian Stableford (2003, printed copies can be purchased here)

  • 'Luella Miller', Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (1903, printed in The Wind in the Rose-bush and other stories of the supernatural, illustrated)

  • 'Viy'/'Вий', Nikolai Gogol

    • Original text in Russian by Nikolai Gogol (1835, printed in Mirgorod /Миргород)​

    • Translated into English by Claud Field (1916, printed in The Mantle and other Stories)

  • 'Ken's Mystery', Julian Hawthorne (1888 printed in David Poindexter's Disappearance, etc.)

  • 'The Beautiful Vampire', Arabella Kenealy (1896)

  • 'The Fate of Madame Cabanel', Eliza Lynn Linton (1872, printed in All the Year Round)

  • 'The Tomb of Sarah', F. G. Loring (1900, printed in Pall Mall Magazine, illustrated)

  • The Blood of the Vampire, Florence Marryat (1897)

  • 'The Old Portrait', Hume Nisbet (1896, printed in Penny Illustrated Newspaper - this can be accessed via the British Newspaper Archive)

  • 'The Oval Portrait' [originally published as 'Life in Death'], Edgar Allan Poe (1842) 

    • (1842, published under the original title, printed in Graham's Magazine)​

    • (1845, printed in The Broadway Journal)

  • 'Will', Vincent O'Sullivan (1899, printed in The Green Window)

  • 'The Vampyre', John Polidori (1819)

  • Varney, the Vampyre, James Malcolm Rymer (1845-47)

  • 'The True Story of a Vampire' [aka 'The Unhappy Vampire'], Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock (1894, printed in The Shadow of Death

  • 'Olalla', Robert Louis Stevenson (1885)

    • (1885, printed in The Court Society Review)

    • (1887, printed in The Merry Men and other Tales and Fables

  • Dracula, Bram Stoker (1897)

  • 'Dracula's Guest', Bram Stoker (1914, printed in Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories

  • 'The Flowering of the Strange Orchid', H. G. Wells (1894)

    • (1894, printed in Pall Mall Budget)

    • (1895, printed in The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents; 1904 reprint of this publication)

  • The War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells (1898)

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