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Here be Twitter. If you already follow me, you probably know that I have a penchant for Twitter Moments and love to post month-long threads following a particular theme. These mini-projects vary from contributions to existing communal Twitter campaigns (e.g. #31DaysofHalloween during October and #GothicAdvent for December), national celebratory/history months (e.g Women's History month), to me just deciding to focus on a particular topic for 31 days at a time. 

Below is a list of all the Twitter moments I have published to date, and you can view the full set of tweets by clicking on the links provided, or the image/header for each entry. 

December 2021

Gothic advent 2021.png

As usual, throughout December I'll be posting a new gothic story and quote from it each day - it'll be the spooky advent calendar you didn't know you needed 🕯️🎄👻 Follow these tweets (many many other spook-tacular posts) with #GothicAdvent

See the full moment here

October 2021


When you hear "vampire", the infamous Count Dracula inevitably springs to mind. However, the Victorian's interest in vampire fiction, art, and folklore is far more diverse and far-spread that just Bram Stoker's creation. Join me this Halloween month for daily posts on vampires in the long nineteenth century 🦇

See the full moment here

July 2021

Birthday witch.png

July is my birthday month and I decided to do another series of themed tweets to celebrate! Witches and magic were my favourite tropes as a child, and I fancy a bit of nostalgia. Therefore, throughout July I'll be posting daily threads relating to witchcraft in the long-nineteenth century, including fiction, art, occultists, and superstitions. 

See the full moment here

May 2021

Monstrous May 2021.png

In March 2021, @JohannesTEvans set up the #MonstrousMayChallenge, a series of monster-focused prompts for writers, artists, and historians to discuss various aspect of this topic. Naturally, I couldn't resist joining in, talking about how Victorian #Gothic fiction fits into each category. 

See the full moment here

March 2021

Womens history month 2021.png

Looking to #ReadMoreWomen and find your next favourite Gothic story? Why not start here, where I'll be posting daily about different Victorian women who penned Gothic fiction in the long nineteenth century #WomensHistoryMonth #GothicGirls

See the full moment here

October 2020

October 2020.png

In honour of the eagerly awaited adaptation of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw - Haunting at Bly Manor - this year's #31DaysofHalloween countdown is full of ghostly Victorian phenomena and tidbits

See the full moment on Twitter here

December 2020

Gothic advent 2020.png

Gather round the firelight and prepare to share some Victorian Gothic stories with me this Christmastime...starting 1 December, I'll be joining in @OGOMProject and @FolkloreFilmFes's annual #GothicAdvent with some excellent tales to read after dark 

See the full moment on Twitter here

December 2019

December 2019.png

T'is the season for ghost stories! I'll be joining in with another #GothicAdvent this year, tweeting my recommended Gothic Victorian short stories and novellas filled with ghosts, vampires, and other spooky beasts best enjoyed at night by candlelight. 

See the full moment on Twitter here

October 2019

Witch 2019.png

Ever wondered what happened to the witch and witchcraft in the Victorian era? Have a look at this assortment of literature, paintings, and folklore concerning witches and magic throughout the nineteenth century ✨🔮

See the full moment on Twitter here

March 2019

Womens history month 2019].png

Looking to #ReadMoreWomen but not sure where to start? Start with this list of women who wrote some of the best Gothic literature of the Victorian era. Let me know who your favourite #GothicGirls are #iwd2019

See the full moment on Twitter here

December 2018

Gothic advent 2019.png

Christmas is a time to indulge in food, drink, and tales of beyond the grave. Going to post some recommendations for Victorian Gothic short stories over the next few weeks, all perfect for sharing round a fire in the winter evenings (seriously, we need to bring back this tradition).

See the full moment on Twitter here

October 2018

Halloween 2018.png

Want some inspiration for next year's Halloween costume? Why not look to the masters of fancy dress: the Victorians.

See the full moment on Twitter here

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