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Literature with witches, witchcraft, and associated occult themes

  • 'The Curse of the Catafalques', F. Anstey (1882, printed in The Cornhill Magazine)

  • 'The Witch', Mary Elizabeth Coleridge (1908, printed in Poems)

  • 'Lois the Witch', Elizabeth Gaskell (1861, printed in Lois the Witch and other Tales)

  • 'The Poor Clare', Elizabeth Gaskell (1856, printed in Household Words; part 1, part 2, part 3)

  • 'Viy'/'Вий', Nikolai Gogol (1835)

    • Original text in Russian by Nikolai Gogol (1835, printed in Mirgorod /Миргород)​

    • Translated into English by Claud Field (1916, printed in The Mantle and other Stories)

  • Bound by a Spell: The Hunted Witch of the Forest, Louisa Lilias Greene (1885)

  • 'The Devil's Christmas', Julian Hawthorne (1885, printed in the Norfolk Virginian

  • 'The Hollow of Three Hills', Nathaniel Hawthorne (1837, printed in Twice Told Tales

  • 'Young Goodman Brown', Nathaniel Hawthorne (1835)

  • 'Dionea', Vernon Lee (1890, printed in Hauntings: Fantastic Stories)

  • 'The Great God Pan', Arthur Machen (1894)

  • 'The White People', Arthur Machen (1904, printed in Horlick's Magazine

  • 'The Devil of the Marsh', H. B. Marriott-Watson (1893, printed in Diogenes of London and other Fantasies and Sketches)

  • The Amber Witch/Maria Schweidler, die Bernsteinhexe, Wilhelm Meinhold (1838)

  • 'The Ebony Frame', Edith Nesbit (1891)

    • (1891, printed in Longman's Magazine)

    • (1893, printed in Grim Tales)

  • 'The Other Side: A Breton Legend', Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock (1893, printed in The Spirit Lamp)

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