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Literature with ghosts, hauntings, and similar spectral phenomenon

  • 'The Dead and the Countess', Gertrude Atherton

  • 'The Ghost Club: An Unfortunate Episode in the Life of no. 5010’, John Kendrick Bangs

  • 'The Middle Toe of the Right Foot', Ambrose Bierce

  • ‘The Ghost’s Summons’, Ada Buisson

  • 'A Christmas Carol', Charles Dickens

  • ‘The Signalman’, Charles Dickens

  • ‘Number Ninety’, B. M. Croker

  • ‘The Nurse’s Story’, Elizabeth Gaskell

  • 'The Operation', Violet Hunt 

  • 'The Ghostly Rental', Henry James 

  • The Turn of the Screw, Henry James 

  • 'The Tractate Middoth', M R James

  • 'A Wicked Voice’, Vernon Lee 

  • ‘The Spectral Hand’, Jean Lorrain

  • 'The Ghost of Charlotte Cray’, Florence Marryat

  • 'Lady Farquhar's Old Lady’, Mary Louisa Molesworth 

  • ‘The Open Door’, Margaret Oliphant

  • 'A Strange Christmas Game’, Charlotte Riddell 

  • 'The Open Door’, Charlotte Riddell

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