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Ada Buisson


English author. Buisson published fiction in literary journals such as Belgravia, including her ghost stories 'The Ghost's Summons' (1868), 'A Story Told in Church' (1868), and 'The Barron’s Coffin' (1869). 

Buisson was born in Battersea to Dorothy Jane Smither and a merchant called John Francis Buisson. Her family moved to Brighton in the 1850s, where her mother died in 1852. She published her only novel Put to the Test (1865) with John Maxwell and through him was introduced to Mary Elizabeth Braddon, the founder and Editor of Belgravia. Buisson died in 1866 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, and several her works have been erroneously attributed to Braddon.*

* I am grateful to Professor Troy J. Bassett, who's website, At the Circulating Library, is the source of the information in this biography. 

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