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I have left this page up so that people can see what we were about. The business closed on the 1st April 2014 as I went off to pursue other things.

About Sizing

(Measurement Form is below. Please copy and paste to send to me)

At Victorian Gothic I prefer to not really talk of 'sizing' as such but simply to make my garments to fit your body shape. Everyone is different and it is surprising just how much the traditional Victorian tailoring sculpts your shape. Some people say 'I could never wear that I have no curves to fill it.' Well, the shapes will make the most of your waist and sculpt in your curves! Others, 'I can't wear that, I have no waist.' The tailoring and shape will give you a waist and hold you in, in all the right places! I have a client who when she first wore one of our gowns said 'I felt truly beautiful for the first time in my life, people were staring at me for all the right reasons.'

If you do not see your size, email me, I'm sure I can accommodate you. I do have gentleman clients who wear my gowns which were originally designed for ladies, these are altered to fit the male form, taking in to account any undergarments/padding which may be worn by the client.

Pregnancy is no barrier as I can do as the Victorians did: Make the waist higher (Princess/Empire line) or add an extra gathered panel to the front of the bodice for advanced pregnancy which buttons in to the normal bodice and can be removed post pregnancy. Waistbands in skirts can be made with a drawstring. Making the waist to bust ratio less, and/or leaving out the very front boning for added comfort.

Please always send your correct measurements to me, as saying that you usually take a size 10 can be very variable and I will then ask you for your ACTUAL measurements. Victorain Gothic totally respects client confidentiality and will NEVER discuss any of your details with a third person.

Please Email Michelle at if you have any questions about measurements.

'Every garment (except where stated) is hand made on commission for you, the client, to your measurements and instruction as agreed with Victorian Gothic. It is the clients responsibility to give accurate measurements according to Victorian Gothics instructions. I will not be held responsible for badly taken measurements. Victorian Gothic with holds the right to refuse an order without explanation, but don't worry I have not had to yet!' Taken from Victorian Gothic Terms and Conditions

Ladies Sizing

Measurements In inches OR centimetres.

1Bust/Chest. Please measure around the largest part of your chest

2 Waist. Please measure comfortably around your natural waist.

3 Inner arm. From arm-pit to end of wrist.

4 Outer Arm. From tip of shoulder to end of wrist.

5 Top of Arm. Around the largest part of your upper arm.

6 Wrist. Comfortably around your wrist.

7 Length of Back. From nape of neck to natural waist.

8 Width of Back. Measure across from where your arms join on to your body!

9 Waist to required length of skirt/trouser.

10 Your height.

11 Inside Leg. From your crotch to where your trousers end.

12 Outer Leg. From waist to end of trouser.

13 Neck. Comfortably measure around your neck.

14 Head. Around the largest part of your head. Only required if ordering a fitted hat.

15 Hips. Please measure around the largest part of your hips.

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