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I have left this page up so that people can see what we were about. The business closed on the 1st April 2014 as I went off to pursue other things.

victorian wedding victorian gotic clothing steampunk clothing Garment care heading

Some handy hints on the care of your garments.

Allow garments to air and dry before putting them away.

Allow mud to dry on skirts before gently brushing off with a soft bristled brush.

Store garments away from direct sunlight to protect from fading and in a dry place to prevent mould.

Check garments from time to time to ensure no mould or moths are present.

Use lavender bags or ceder wood to help prevent moths (Varous moth repellants can be purchased at Supermarkets and Iron Mongers etc)

Most of our garments are best stored flat rather than hung up so as to protect the shape and detailing.

If storing garments for a length of time you may wish to pack them with acid free tissue paper or as our forebears did wrapped in brown paper once all moth/mould and cleanliness issues have been checked.

Be very careful of delicate fabrics and details.

If at all unsure of the care of your garment please seek the advice of a professional garment cleaner.


Guide to the Meaning of Wash Care Symbols

Victorian Gothic has included wash care symbols in to their fabric and garment care as these are internationally understood and an industry standard.

30 normal cycle 30 gentle cycle wash. 40 gentle cycle 40 gentle cycle wash 60 gentle cycle wash60 gentle cycle wash 60 normal cycle wash 60 normal cycle wash

95 gentle cycle wash 95 gentle cycle wash Chlorine bleach allowed Chlorine bleach allowed do not bleach Do not bleach do not dry clean Do not dry clean

do not iron Do not iron do not tumble dryDo not tumble dry do not wash Do not wash dry clean allowedDry clean allowed hand wash Hand wash

iron steam or iron with high heat Iron steam or dry with high heat Iron steam or dry with medium heat Iron steam or dry with medium heat Iron at low heat Iron steam or dry with low heat



The above is intended as a guide only and Victorian Gothic can not be held responsible for any misuse that may entail and the consequences there of.

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victorian wedding dress gothic wedding black steampunk goth bustle