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About us title

I have left this page up so that people can see what we were about. The business closed on the 1st April 2014 as I went off to pursue other things.


1 Do you only make Victorian clothing?

No I make clothing from ALL periods, but do specialise in Victorian and Edwardian through to the beginning of the 1950's. I am just as happy to make an outfit in one authentic historical style, as I am to mix up the fashions of the past and to give them a modern twist.

2 Where are you based?

In a studio located in a converted Victorian shop at the foot of the Sussex Downs in Polegate, near Brighton and Eastbourne. Please Click here for Detailed Google Map and Information

4 How long will it take and what price should I expect?

A gown can take from 3 weeks and onwards at a time frame that suits you. Ideally I need at least 8 weeks in advance of a date to ensure that a gown is ready within the UK and slightly more to take in to account shipping times for EU and USA orders. Victorian Gothic does get booked up months and years ahead, so do contact me in plenty of time. Prices for a gown range from £500 - £1800 and above with an average gown costing £1000. This does include fittings.

Victorian Gothic offers a free, no obligation first consultation. I want you to be sure that you have chosen the right person to create your dream outfit.

email or telephone +44 (0) 1323 485281 to arrange an appointment.

4 Who makes the clothes?

You deal with one person from start to finish. Victorian Gothic is run and maintained by Michelle Artemis who also designs and makes the clothing. Further details about Michelle can be found here.

5 Do you do personal fittings?

Fittings are included in our sevice as standard. Measurements and fittings which take place away from our base in Sussex cost £120 per day based on an 8 hour day plus full travel costs. This is only available within the UK and subject to booking. Full payment for each fitting/visit is payable in advance.

6 Will you be expanding your range?

Yes, I will not be running out of ideas, there are simply not enough hours in the day to make everything that I want to do! I offer mostly a bespoke, couture service at Victorian Gothic so my 'range' really serves to highlight the sort of things that I can do. If you have an idea for an outfit, but can't see anything remotely like it on my website, please just ask. So far the answer has always been 'Yes, I can do that.'

7 I really like the bodice from one gown, but the skirt from another do I have to buy the matching ones?

No, the idea is that people are free to mix and match. I can also, to a certain extent mix and match the styles such as a different neckline or sleeves, added decoration or less decoration.

8 Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, of course, but I will not start your garment until 50% of the total price of a Ready to Wear order has been paid or in the case of Bespoke I ask for full cost of materials plus half of the make up costs. I will not ship the garment until full payment has been received. Please see our Terms and Conditions for a fuller explanation.

9 Who wears Victorian Gothic clothing?

A very wide section of ladies and gentleman. Weddings, balls, masquerades, proms, picnics, TV, film and theatre. There are people who wear them all the time as a lifestyle, the gothic community, reanactors, for work such as those who work in country houses and museums and some who simply have a special feeling for the clothing of the Victorian and historical periods.

10 I am a gentleman and desire to wear some of your styles which are currently listed under ladies clothing, is this a problem and can you make them for me?

Absolutely not a problem, but a pleasure. I will take your measurements and create the garment that you desire. As with ALL of my clients, FULL confidentiality is assured at ALL times. I make clothing ONLY with no prejudice as to gender. Please note this is NOT a dressing service or lifestyle service. For this I suggest that you go to other companies who supply this and can be widely found on the world wide web.

11 Why is the clothing so expensive?

Well, considering the work and skills that go in to them they are not! You are paying for my time that it takes to consult with you, plan, draft, cut out, make up, finish and ship. Also there are running costs such as machines, power, tools and tax etc. Not forgetting the fabrics, cottons and notions that will be used to make your piece. This is a business, run as a business and in the UK we have a minimum wage which I am sure you will understand that I should not be expected to work below. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is fact. For example on average a bodice can contain 70 pieces which all go together to make the finished article. These are all cut out by hand, prepared and tacked together, sewn and zig zagged. Full boning with hand made casing is added, each button hole marked up and sewn on a vintage machine and each button sewn on by hand. Every fork pleat is painstakingly turned and tacked by hand before being applied. I do not skip on cut or amount of fabric used or the quality of the materials. I think you get the idea!

12 What are the clothes made on?

I have three Clydebank built Vintage Singer machines dating from 1964 and one dating from 1932. These are fully equipped with all the accessories including a button holer of the kind still in favour by the tailors of Savile Row today. I can spot the tell tale stitching of a vintage singer machine! All of our machines are serviced by a local independent sewing machine engineer who has been in the business for over 30 years and has offered invaluable advice, service and stories!

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